Honda’s 2014 Odyssey minivan to bring first vacuum cleaner into minivans

Honda’s 2014 Odyssey minivan to bring first vacuum cleaner into minivansAt the 2013 New York Auto Show opening this week, Honda will showcase its 2014 Odyssey minivan which, as per the automaker, will bring the industry's first vacuum cleaner to the minivans.

About putting first vacuum cleaner in its minivan, Honda is of the opinion that the move will finally unfold an easy and convenient way for the vehicle owners to remove the tiny pieces of junk food which drop between the seats; a problem that has always dogged family vehicles no end.

The vacuum cleaner of the 2014 Odyssey minivan has been dubbed the HondaVAC. The small vacuum-cleaning unit is built into the rear well of the minivan; and it features a hose which is long enough to reach the whole cabin of the vehicle.

Developed in collaboration with Shop-Vac, the onboard HondaVAC vacuum cleaner coming up in the 2014 Odyssey minivan has an electric motor, replaceable filter, and canister bag. The unit comes with two heads - a wide one and a narrow one for crevices.

With the HondaVAC onboard vacuum cleaning unit to be standard equipment in the most attractive Odyssey minivan model - the Touring Elite - when the refreshed Odyssey hits the markets this summer, Mike Accavitti - Honda's senior vice president in the US - said that the unit will be "another differentiator" for Honda.