Mount Olive hosts robotics event

RoboticsThe Mount Olive High School Robotics Team (MORT) was bustling with activity on Saturday and Sunday as it hosted the Mid-Atlantic Regional F. I. R. S. T. Robotics contest.

The Mid-Atlantic Regional F. I. R. S. T. Robotics content is one of six district events hosted in New Jersey and Pennsylvania every year. The event will lead up to the Mid-Atlantic District competition.

More than thirty-six New Jersey high school teams competed in the robotics completion. The game played at the event, called Ultimate Ascent, was designed by F. I. R. S. T.

The teams that managed to maneuver their robots to shoot Frisbees into goals, and also hanging onto the pyramid near the conclusion of the game, scored points.

The Mount Olive Robotics Team won all matches and successfully reached finals. Its score qualified it as one of the two victors of the contest.

Previously, the Mount Olive Robotics Team won at the Palmetto Regional in Myrtle, which qualified it to advance to the championship.

The Mid-Atlantic District competition is scheduled to take place next month in Lehigh County of the U. S. state of Pennsylvania.