UK Police Officials Consider HIV as Biggest Health Risk for Themselves

HIVAs per an article published in `All in a night's work', G2 on March 27, the biggest fear of disease among the police officers in the UK is of getting infected with HIV or hepatitis. This fear is connected with the use of uncapped needles that can be used in injections.

Article also highlights that of all the risks concerned with the health of police officers, the risk of getting infected with HIV is the least they can have. The records of health problems among the police officers tell that there has been never a case of HIV infection while they are on duty. Also, there has been no case of infection yet throughout the world in which a discarded needle is used outside the premises of a health care setting.

Though, the doubt can be correct at one point for the police officers. A research done by National Aids Trust (NAT) on the occupational health guidance of police found that the training and information given to the police officers on HIV inflates the risk of same as the information is generally outdated.

A spokesperson at NAT said officials of NAT always remain concerned about the defects that sustain in training and guidance that how the police officials should treat the HIV-infected residents of the country.