Proper Breakfast Helps Avoid Unhealthy Snacking

Proper Breakfast Helps Avoid Unhealthy SnackingA group of researchers at the University of Missouri had recently conducted a study, which has revealed that a good breakfast has the potential to stick with a person for the whole day.

The team said that if it is considered about champs, eggs and sausage are the best breakfast options. As many as 20 overweight young women of age 18-20 years were recruited for the study.

The women were segregated into different groups, viz. the one that ate a high protein (40%) breakfast, one that had a normal protein (15%) breakfast and the third that had no breakfast, all breakfasts weighing in at 350 calories.

It was found that the women, who had had a high protein breakfast like egg-based burrito or egg-based waffles, were feeling fuller whole day. Also, they preferred having less snacks at night in compared to the women that had a low protein breakfast or no breakfast.

Unhealthy evening snacking was replaced by nutrient-rich foods for breakfast in teen girls, who were obese or overweight, and had a good breakfast.

"These data suggest that the daily addition of breakfast, particularly one rich in protein, appears to be an appropriate strategy to improve satiety, reduce food motivation/reward, and improve diet quality", avowed assistant professor Heather Leidy from the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.