Obesity Doubles the Probability of Developing Stones

Obesity Doubles the Probability of Developing StonesA team of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University have concluded that obesity doubles the likelihood of developing kidney stones.

"The common thinking was that as weight rises, kidney stone risk rises as well, but our study refutes that. Whether someone is mildly obese or morbidly obese, the risk for getting kidney stones is the same", said Study Leader Brian R. Matlaga, Assistant Professor of Urology, Johns Hopkins University.

The research analyzed more than 95,000 people, learning that one in 20 obese people had developed the stones, when compared to around one in 40 normal weight people.

However, the researchers have not been able to find out the reason behind this, as of now.

Usually, stones are created from salts or minerals naturally found in urine, which gradually start to clump together with time. So, the patients are often advised to drink a lot of fluids to flush out the stones.

The research team has also observed the different types of risks produced from different categories of obesity.