Aspirin May also Treat Cancers

Aspirin May also Treat CancersPublished in the British Journal of Cancer, a new study carried out by a team of researchers from the Queen's University, Belfast has claimed that aspirin-named drug used by millions of people has the potential to fight cancer as well.

The wonderdrug is taken by people so as to keep heart disease at bay and prevent stroke also, the report said.

For the latest study, the team used the National Cancer Institute Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer trial's data. The aim was to conduct a large-scale investigation into how aspirin and ibuprofen affected head and neck cancer risk.

It has been found that a low-dose tablet, if even taken as low as once in a week or in a month, can play a significant part in avoiding the deadly disease. It is being said that thousands of lives could probably be saved each year with the same.

Aspirin taken at such interval helped people in avoiding the cancers by 22% higher level than their counterparts, who did not take the medicine.

"If you smoke, drink alcohol to excess, have a poor diet and are at risk from picking up the human papilloma-virus (HPV), aspirin use will be irrelevant", said Dr. Nigel Carter, the British Dental Health Foundation's chief executive.