A New Strategy for Weight Loss and Maintenance

A New Strategy for Weight Loss and MaintenanceIt is often marked by dieticians and GPs to avoid watching television and doing any other activity while eating meals. And now, a research too has proved the fact.

It says if someone watches television or indulges his brain into some other activity while eating food, he tends to gain more weight. Reason behind this is that this way people are not aware of how much they have eaten and they overeat, which further results into excess weight gain.

At the same time, it has been also revealed that if someone remembers his previous meals and his delicious taste, this enables him to eat smaller portions of food during the next meal. Ultimately he can enjoy trimmer waistlines.

To make this technique work in a successful way, the best way out is to pen down the contents of previous meals. People can use visual reminders such as food wrappers of the food they have eaten earlier to make it easier.

In a nut shell, awareness of previous consumption is a simple way to reduce the next meal size. The Telegraph reported lead researcher Dr. Eric Robinson from the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society based at Liverpool University saying if people recall their last meal and consider it to be quite filling and satisfying then they are encouraged to eat less during their next meal.