Finally Good News for Obese Children

Finally Good News for Obese ChildrenA study published in the journal Pediatrics - Good News for overweight children and their parents, is a self-help guide towards weight lose.

"The new message is that this kind of lower intensity program seems to work," says lead author Kerri Boutelle, a University of California at San Diego clinical psychologist. "This is low intensity. You do a lot of it at your home. You don't have to be at an intensive program."

According to the report, this book provides a manual to the parents and the children so that parents can control their child's diet and help the child lose weight. "Traffic Light" eating plan is provided where parents will come to know about the calorie present in the food. There are "red light" food products which contain heavy calories and should be consumed less. A perfect eating plan is provided so that it becomes easy for the families to provide the balanced diet to the children.

This book will teach healthy habits through examples and people will learn more. This will also induce positive parenting among parents and will also motivate the children to perform better in their lives. This book also asks parents to give hugs to children when they perform better.