Male Bowel Cancer Death Rate Sees Rise

Male-Bowel-CancerA recently submitted report has clearly detailed a shocking increase that has been noticed in the rate of bowel cancer among men in past few years.

The report of the Cancer Research UK study mentions that male bowel cancer rates have increased by more than a quarter in the last 35 years, which contrasts mainly with the 6% rise of same in women over the same time.

It gives a bit respite to the officials to know that the bowel cancer survival rates have however improved. Yes, the report mentions that half of the bowel cancer patients are being able to live for at least 10 years after being diagnosed.

Few experts are already researching into knowing the reason behind such a large difference in the increase of the cancer rates between men and women. Many believe that the differences could be due to increasing obesity problems and intake of diets rich in red and processed meat, low fibre etc.

Data has stated bowel cancer as the second most common cause of cancer death in the UK, lung cancer tops the list.

Professor Matthew Seymour, of Leeds University, Director of the National Cancer Research Network, said: "We know the risk of bowel cancer increases as we get older and, since we're all living longer, it's no surprise to see that the number of people getting the disease is rising".