Russian Billionaire Looks Forward to Create Cyborgs

CyborgsCyborg is a very popular creature in science fiction, which is a part human and part machine. A Russian billionaire wants to create a cyborg to turn a science fiction into a reality. It has been named Dmitry Itskov to make humans immortal by merging them with machines.

Digital Trends described that the project will aim towards transferring a person's mind or consciousness from a living brain into a machine, keeping the memory and personality of that person intact.

It would be free from the physical form and exist in a network like internet. Moreover, it would be able to travel at the speed of light all over the planet.

Itskov has planned several steps to achieve the goal of creating a Cyborg. Avatar A is the first goal that would have a person controlling a robotic replica through brain-machine interface. The first goal is set to be achieved by

Avatar B is the second goal to be achieved by 2025 and will have the human brain to be transplanted into an artificial body after the death of the person. It will grant immortality, however, all emotions and personality would be lost.

Avatar C in 2035 will be the final step to have a human-machine brain transplant with emotions and the personality intact. A computer model of human consciousness will be created to achieve the final goal.