NHS 111 Operation Deferred till June

NHSIn wake of concerns raised by doctors repeatedly, NHS 111's working across England has been delayed till June this year. NHS 111 is a replacement for NHS Direct, which has remained controversial since its introduction.

Medical authorities were quite concerned over the safety of patients and increasing pressure in emergency services. Subsequently, it led to the said change while it was assured that the services will be operational by the sixth month of 2013.

It emerged that more than half of the UK population was devoid of the new non-emergency health advice service. According to plans, the service was to become operational across the country by the beginning of April but has been postponed under the current circumstances.

The step has been taken to simply the current system under which the patients will be able to get medical advice 24 hours a day. The delay was suggested by the British Medical Association in March end since it found that many pilot areas have been unsuccessful to meet the demand as callers waiting for hours to get their answers.

These concerns were raised by the chairman of the British Medical Association's GP Committee, Dr. Laurence Buckman, who wrote to Sir David Nicholson, the NHS Chief, about the chaos being troubling patients. James Reed, the Labour's shadow Health Minister, supported him.