Middle Hierarchy Monkeys Burdened like Humans

Middle Hierarchy Monkeys Burdened like HumansA research has shed light that middle hierarchy monkeys suffer stress the same way as middle management humans.

Katie Edwards, from Liverpool's Institute of Integrative Biology, studied for 600 hours.  She tracked female Barbary macaques at Trentham Monkey Forest in Staffordshire.  Observing the behavior of a particular female through the day, she finally concluded the activities of monkeys.

Even other authors of the research observed monkeys in middle hierarchy and related their behavior to the humans.  According to them, the study explains why the middle management is under so much of burden while working.  

In the process of having a life of upper class, middle-class works very hard and in turn is governed by pressure.  Dr.  Susanne Shultz, of Manchester University's Faculty of Life Sciences, has explained that the results of the study can be applied to humans.

Shultz said, "It's possible to apply these findings to other social species too, including human hierarchies".  She explained that the things are hard at the top but the same happens in the middle class as well.  Middle management comes across maximum stress and pressure in meeting with the standards of high rankers.

The study concludes that ambitious nature of the middle-ranking individuals compels them to work harder and bear stress in return.