Jeremy Hunt Will Start Consultations for NHS Constitution

Jeremy Hunt Will Start Consultations for NHS ConstitutionAmidst circumstances reflected in Francis report, James Hunt has said he will start with consultations in this matter by the end of this year.

The Mid Staffordshire NHS trust faced ripples of controversy when a report brought a fact that approximately 1,200 patients died because of carelessness. The staff at the NHS has neglected various issues of the patients. Sheer ignorance from staff members had led to massive problems for the patients.

After all the hue and cry, authorities concerned have decided to remake NHS constitution and redefine the guidelines. This would be done to avert any situation that may harm the patients in future.

Speaking to press, Jeremy Hunt said, "Far from dropping any clause about putting patients first, the new constitution actively inserts such wording for the first time as one of the principles that guide the NHS".

He said the patient care has to be valued and would be specifically be included in the NHS constitution. The core values linked to the patient care will be mentioned in the constitution.

Francis report had highlighted that the health services must put the patient care first and then the rest must follow. Core value must be given the priority and increasing the budget must be secondary.