Cowboys decide to Act tough to prove their Mate Segeyaro’s Decision Wrong

Kalifa-FaifaiAfter James Segeyaro left the Cowboys and striking performance in National Rugby League season, New Zealand winger Kalifa Faifai Loa mentioned on Twitter that his mate has made a move that is best for him. Twitter conversations for the two have been making rounds.

James Segeyaro has been playing for Penrith. Penrith has not had a great start in National Rugby League season but Segeyaro has proved his ability. Segeyaro, who left the team last year has been making big in the tournament.

Faifai Loa has been shocked to find Segeyaro making so much impact in the rugby tournament. He did not hesitate in saying that Segeyaro has made a right decision for himself. He said, "He was doing well for us last year, he was a good impact player, so he made the right decision to go there ... everyone enjoys him, his aura and he's a good bloke".

But, Faifai Loa added that in a match between Penrith and Cowboys, everyone will definitely witness a great performance from their end. The team wants to prove that Segeyaro took a wrong decision of leaving the team. This thought will be ruling their head before stepping on the stadium. Social media has again helped many celebrities in venting out their emotions.