Couples Satisfied with Marriage Gain More Weight

Couples Satisfied with Marriage Gain More WeightAmerican researchers have recently revealed a link between the success of a marriage and weight gain or loss. The revelation was based on the study of 169 newlyweds over a period of four years. The researchers checked the body mass index of the couples after every six months.

The findings suggested that happier husbands and wives put on weight. On the other hand, those who were losing weight were attempting to make themselves more attractive to their partners.

The study, by Southern Methodist University in Dallas, said the intensity of satisfaction from the marriage is directly proportional to weight gain in both the partners.

Lead researcher Andrea Meltzer told Health magazine, "It's pretty widely accepted that marriage itself is associated with weight gain and divorce with weight loss. What is less clear is the role of marital satisfaction in marital weight gain".

Previous studies have suggested better health behaviors of happy marriage because of taking medicines timely and visiting doctors regularly. However, this is the first time that a study has linked weight gain or loss with the success of marriage.

The researchers, from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, said the findings have also contradicted the standard belief of successful marriage with quality health.