Cut Down Salt and Take More Potassium, Suggests Research

Cut Down Salt and Take More Potassium, Suggests ResearchPublished in the British Medical Journal, a new research suggests limiting the salt intake while increasing the intake of potassium. It revealed a number of health benefits linked to the same.

According to the study, eating of extra two to three servings of the fruits and vegetables is advised. In addition, cutting down on salt intake was equally necessary to maintain good health. The study found that the change lowers the risks of suffering from high blood pressure and stroke.

Increase in potassium in diet had positive effects on blood pressure with no adversities caused to the function of kidney or levels of hormone. The World Health Organization has, consequently, issued its first guidelines about the recommended potassium intake.

According to the recommendations, adults are advised to consume no more than 4g of potassium per day. Increase in potassium intake lowered the risk of stroke by 24% in those adults.

Reduction in salt intake too was linked to fall in blood pressure levels. It also reduced the risk of suffering from stroke. Health officials from the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommend bringing down salt intake to 3g per day by 2025 while an assessment revealed that on average a person is reported to consume 9.5g of salt every day.