Amendment in the Health Act to Ban Under-18s from Sunbeds’ Use

Amendment in the Health Act to Ban Under-18s from Sunbeds’ UseIn an announcement that came yesterday, the Government said the Health Act will be amended to ban under-18s from using sunbeds. The move has led to decline in sunbed services at Manawatu under the strict rules.

The move has come to curb the cancer rates but it is being said that the change won’t make some significant difference to the same. Janine Corbett, the Beauty Spot Manager, said that most of the salons are using the sunbeds for adults only and therefore, no larger benefits from the same will appear.

“People haven't stopped using them and you will still find young girls (18 years plus) come into my shop and actually ask if we have a sunbed”, asserted Ms. Corbett. She is one of those groups of operators, who have already given up use of the sunbeds.

Since 2009, the number of operators has declined from 41 to 26 in the MidCentral District Health Board area, revealed a survey by the Ministry of Health.

Skin cancer is most common type of cancer in New Zealand with melanoma having highest occurrence among these. According to the World Health Organization, the risks of melanoma and other skin cancers is increased by
75% when sunbeds are used before 30 years of age.