No Euro Zone Aid Plan for Greece

No Euro Zone Aid Plan for GreeceAn EU executive put down a report published in a German magazine that claims that the Euro zone could provide a $20-25 Euros aid to Greece, on Monday.

"I have no comment on such a plan that does not exist and is denied even by the alleged source of it", said European Commission's Spokesman Amadeu Altafaj.

The German Finance Ministry also has said that it has not made any decisions of providing financial aids to Greece and it expects Greece to recover from the debts by April 2011.

"I will not answer by a yes or no to that question. Experts do their job, they are technicians. I base my communication on political decisions. The European Council (of EU leaders) has spoken; the Eurogroup and Ecofin Council (of finance ministers) have spoken on the issue. They are ready and they are determined to take firm, coordinated action if needed, but there is no such plan, there is not a single euro, because Greece has not requested one single euro of financial aid", Altafaj said.

The Commission has asked Greece and other countries with deficits above the EU ceiling of 3% of gross domestic product, for data on the use of any complex financial instruments in budget accounting that could change the size of the shortfall.