Nokia Closes its Biggest Shanghai Store

NokiaSeeing that Nokia has decided to shut down its biggest store in Shanghai, it is being said that the once ruling phone-maker is seemingly facing highly tough times.

Exclusive Nokia stores are being put to closure by the company after it has sold its Finnish headquarters the previous year. The closure of their biggest store was announced amid these closures only by the Finnish phone maker.

The Shanghai store was the flagship store for Nokia, the report found. On March 31 this year, the world's largest store has been closed. But, Nokia did not speak anything about the same initially.

Nokia now has affirmed that though, it has not been leaving the Chinese market, it would be focusing on retailers and distribution arms from now on for better reach. The company would not be having its own properties.

"Nokia is focusing on growing its presence in operator and third-party retail outlets, rather than through our own physical stores", stated a spokesperson for Nokia.

The firm also said that it has been trying to improve its online presence. Besides, according to the organization, the closure of the store in Shanghai was also planned for the same reason.

But, the report says that Nokia's future is, seemingly, austere and a long way is there for it to go as of now.