Government Emphasizes on New Disability Benefit System

DisabilityOn Monday, Northern England is to see the launch of a completely new system aimed at offering disability benefits.

It is being said that the existing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) would be replaced with the Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

The government affirmed that the reforms were necessary and ensured that no actual cut would be realized in benefits. However, it is the belief of Charity Scope that almost 60,000 people would be left with no support at the end.

But, Esther McVey, Minister for Disabled People, said the new system would prove a great help for those who are in maximum need of it. Gradually, the system would be introduced for new claimants in Cumbria, Merseyside, north-east England and Cheshire.

It has been avowed that a new face-to-face assessment along with regular reviews would be seen in the Personal Independence Payment. Disability Living Allowance, as per the findings, is an outdated benefit that was rolled out some 20 years back.

The same also requires reform so as to reflect today's disability understanding in a better way. "The vast majority of claimants get the benefit for life without any systematic reassessments and around 50 percent of decisions are made on the basis of the claim form alone", said McVey.

Yet, the report finds that the government was accused by Scope of cutting claimants' "financial lifeline".