Brain Cells’ Rewiring Can Help Cure Obesity: Study

Brain Cells’ Rewiring Can Help Cure Obesity: StudyResearchers at the UK have determined a collection of brain cells that regulates the appetite. They suggest that the findings can be used for curing obesity.

Formerly, it was believed that the nerves in the brain that were connected with the appetite were developed in the womb and can't be altered. However, the researchers at the University of East Anglia discovered that the cells that are referred as tanycytes can be altered throughout their childhood and adulthood.

Dr. Mohammad Hajihosseini, chief researcher, said disclosing a procedure to regulate the tanycytes will not provide with a resolution to obesity. However, the findings are like an interesting piece of the puzzle.

He said the study discloses that the neural circuitry that regulates appetite is not fixed in number and can be tracked numerically to tackle eating disorders. However, per the researcher, the procedure could take between five to ten years for determining that whether the treatment is valid for humans or not.

He said the proceeding step is to provide a definition to the group of genes and cellular processes that keep a check on the behavior and tanycytes activities. He added that the findings will further enhance the understanding of brain stem cells and will be beneficial in exploiting the drug that will amend the number or functioning of appetite-regulating neurons.