NHS Undergoes Transformation to Operate in a More Competitive Market

NHSKurt Long wrote that reputation is everything for the healthcare providers and now they would be competing in a tougher market against each other. He said within the reformed NHS landscape only the fittest will be able to survive.

Many NHS trusts are struggling with limited financial resources and need to meet the burgeoning demands of an ageing population. Some of the NHS trusts have gone into administration like South London Healthcare NHS Trust.

The NHS is currently going through transformation that will result to a new leaner and more efficient healthcare landscape.

Introduction of commissioning as well as meeting the government's £20bn efficiency target over the next four years will have the NHS to operate in a more competitive environment. Leaders would have to spur a shift in their organization's culture in order to succeed in this new emerging NHS.

A sound economic plan has to be devised to have a cost structure that ensures productivity along with revenue generation.

The government's ambitious digital plans of a paperless NHS by 2018 have to be embraced by the visionary healthcare providers so as to successfully meet the budgetary mandates and survive in new competitive market-place dynamics.

It is a tectonic shift for the NHS first time in the history and as a result only the fittest, most agile and financially viable will be able to survive.