More Calories with More Plate Size : Study

More Calories with More Plate Size : StudyA study conducted by Arcadia University in Glenside, Penn. says children who are offered food in bigger plates tend to overeat.

One of the authors said, "We found that children served themselves about 90 more calories when they used the large plate at lunch [compared to a small plate]". A study published in journal Pediatrics found that children ate 50% of the calories served even when they had not finished their second helpings.

During the study researchers tracked 41 children at a Philadelphia elementary school. They were provided with adult-size plates and with it the size of the children-size plate increased by 100%. On alternate days, they were offered children-plates to conclude the fact. Milk and food products were kept same for them.

They found a relationship between the size of plate and amount of food consumed. It was concluded that actual caloric intake increased per child. This is averaged as 90 calories of extra food on a plate. This may seem to be a small intake but according to the researchers this turns out to be huge with time.

Size matters and when it comes to food, the size plate adds on to the calorie intake. This was clearly evident when the children were provided food in bigger plates. Earlier studies suggested that when children were offered more servings, they ate more. This study recommends that bigger plates make children eat more.