Brain Scans helped Researchers See Pain

Brain Scans helped Researchers See PainIn a breakthrough revelation, it has been revealed that a group of researchers from the University of Colorado has carried out a study in which they were able to see the pain through brain scans.

The study, which has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, is considered to open a door of several opportunities.

The study, which is said to be one of a kind, is in early stages, but it has been found that the study researchers were able to know that whether the medicine was lowering the pain or not. Lead researcher Tor Wager from the University of Colorado, said that a number of times, people suffer from acute pain.

However, the research will prove a great way to confirm that whether a person is suffering from pain or not. Study researchers said that the pain can be felt through the skin. Wager said that it gets very difficult for doctor to know the level of pain that a person has been suffering from. They only get to know about the same through the patient.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers carried out four experiments at the university. "There may be completely novel ways of treating pain by focusing on these areas of the brain rather than on conventional medications, which block pain impulses", said Dr. Allan Ropper from Brigham and Women's and Harvard University.