Google Announces New Age of Speed

Google Announces New Age of SpeedAgain, Google will redefine the meaning of competition. Google will be launching Gigabit Internet service to Texas' capital city by mid 2014. In an announcement made by Google, Inc., and the City of Austin, the news of the launch has been made very clear.

Google's Milo Medin, vice-president for Google Fiber has stated that the best in speed is yet to come. According to him, Google is still in its early days. With this announcement comes a new awakening that the present speed is still behind what the future has placed in store.

City of Austin announced, "The high-speed connectivity will have a great impact on our diverse groups of creative and entrepreneurial citizens, educators and businesses allowing them to develop and execute their concepts at a much faster speed".

AT&T has been optimistic about Google's entry into Austin's high-speed Internet and video delivery market. It has recently announced that the employees would be employed for placing a network capable of delivering speeds up to one gigabit per second to consumers.

AT&T chairman and chief executive officer Randall Stephenson is happy with the response that the government officials have given them. Their help, according to him, is a significant catalyst in investing in advanced networks which triggers economic growth.