People over 60 in Age Report 'Late-Life Crisis'

People over 60 in Age Report 'Late-Life Crisis'A study carried out lately by the University of Greenwich and University of Sussex researchers has revealed that almost a third of people above the age of 60 years suffer a "late-life crisis".

A total of 300 people, more than 60 years in age, in Britain were asked to complete an online survey. It was found that a crisis was being faced by them and bereavement was the cause in almost 33% of the cases. The other reasons, according to the psychologists' say, may include personal illness and injury.

As many as 20 partakers of the survey were later also interviewed by the team. The team observed that two or more stressful events had been suffered by all those who had reported a late-life crisis. The events had either impacted their own health or someone else's.

It has been told that this experience of theirs made them more aware about frailty and mortality. However, a person's response to their experiences was likely identified by the way they viewed their life.

"For the vast majority, it's a good decade. But for a considerable minority - up to a third - it is not. People realize that they can't carry on as before", explained the University of Greenwich's Oliver Robinson.