TDIC to start testing cladding panels of Louvre

Louvre-Abu-DhabiTourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC) that developed the island, is all set to install the aluminium cladding panels on the prototype of the dome of Louvre Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island.

The final structure of the museum is yet to be finalized after completion of testing of night lighting. Stuart Magee, Executive Director (project delivery) at TDIC said that procurement process has been delayed due to global financial crisis making the authorities to process the projects in packages.

Felix Reinberg, Project Director, Cultural District at TDIC added, "The mock-up reflects the actual materials that will be used on the actual project and is also testing the ambient light conditions."

He said that that actual cladding panel would be installed on later stages after the mock-ups. The cladding would be imported from China and would be shipped from Shanghai to Abu Dhabi in the coming week.

Reinberg told, "We will also use different colours to try to keep a balance between keeping the light conditions dark enough to allow the rest of the light to come through into the project but at the same time, not create a dark atmosphere."