Little Alcoholic Consumption during Pregnancy Doesn’t Harm Baby: Study

PregnancyResearchers suggested that a little drinking during pregnancy doesn't have any bad impact on the behavioral or mental development of the child.

The study extracted the ability reports of 10,534 UK seven-year-olds. The mother of these children had either refrain alcohol at the time of their pregnancy or had a little amount of it. There was a minute difference found between the reports of the two groups, in accordance to the guidelines of the UK government.

The reports advised the pregnant women to completely quit alcohol at the time of pregnancy or to either consume it in a little amount, i. e. no more than two units a week.

Prof Yvonne Kelly, who is the co-author of the study, said that it is a known fact that excessive drinking at the time of pregnancy can produce very harmful effects. However, consuming it in a smaller quantity is unlikely to cause any harmful effect.

The co-author said it is also not valid biologically that a small alcoholic consumption at the time of pregnancy will cause any harm to the behavior or mental development of the child as the children grow up in is a considerable factor.

The study got published in an international journal named Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (BJOG).