Job cuts Benefited Health Care: Government

Job-cutsAs suggested by the state government, the funding for an injection for the children's healthcare in rural and regional Queensland was collected by cutting jobs.

Lawrence Springborg, Health Minister, said a new plan that cost around $3.2 million was made possible by creating efficiencies elsewhere. The plan supports the families of ill children who are not the residents of big cities.

Unions criticized the state government for slashing 2,754 jobs from Queensland Health in the former year. It was also disapproved for decentralizing management of health services to local hospital boards. Mr. Springborg said the changes have resulted in bringing the health staff forward with creative ideas and it have also ensured the availability of money for them.

He said they have left behind a bureaucratic structure to a structure which is very, very patient-focused and is beneficial in extracting the best efficient possibilities. He said this resulted in releasing out money and letting them to do great things in making the care and treatment more effective.

As per the new plans the families belonging to the rural and regional Queensland will able to be facilitate themselves with the "care coordinator" who will manage their appointments with various specialists to avoid multiple long-distance trips.

A 24-hour hotline will also be initiated for providing clinicians with the healthcare advice across the state. There will be more courses for the clinicians practicing in the rural and regional areas.