World Immunization Week Sees Full Support from Plunket

World-Immunization-WeekWorld Immunization Week is to start this Monday (22-29 April) and Plunket has been showing complete support for the same, a report has uncovered.

It has been found that the week is being taken by Plunket as a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about immunization and its impact. The support services provider said that communities across the whole New Zealand could be helped this way.

The use of vaccines would be known to people and they could help themselves protect against a number of diseases. In the opinion of Allison Jamieson, Plunket clinical advisor, vaccination was rated by the World Health Organization as the most cost-effective measure to ensure public health.

She said that inoculation was a highly important tool when it came to protection of families and communities in New Zealand. Especially, vaccination played a role in preventing measles and whooping cough, which were usually considered as non-serious conditions.

It has been told that the two conditions are highly contagious and could prove life-shattering as well at some point of time.

"Immunization has a profoundly positive effect not only on the individual but on the whole of the population, as it helps improve community immunity", Jamieson was quoted as saying.