Immunity Linked to Races: Study

Immunity Linked to Races: StudyA recent research by the Simon Fraser University highlights the link between immunity levels and genes. Individual's ethnicity has a great role to play in his immunity levels, according to the researchers.

Corey Watson, postdoctoral researcher at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York said, "Time will confirm the extent to which this is true. But we've found that sections of the IGH-chain locus' DNA sequence are either missing or inserted into a person's genome, and this could vary depending on ethnicity".

In order to prove this, the researchers have studied the DNA code of people with different origins. This is the base of their study as the immunity is linked to genetics. A team of experts from US has observed and sequenced the recurring DNA in the human genome. It is one million nucleotide-long immunoglobulin heavy (IGH)-chain.

The researchers tracked chromosomes of 425 people of Asian, African and European descent. They tried to understand the genome of various races and unveiled the link between antibody composition and ethnicity. They have sequenced an observed all the possible antibody-encoding genes in IGH-chain locus.

After cracking the code of genome and paving the way for a new immunity research, they have come up with the findings.