Greener Area Improves Well Being of Urban Society: Study

Greener-AreaAccording to a new study, parks, gardens and green spaces can boost the well being and quality of life of people living in urban areas. The study conducted by a University of Exeter revealed that greener area has a significant positive effect.

The researchers used the data from 5,000 UK households over 17 years. Their findings could help policy makers to plan more green areas that have an impact on society at large. The study was published in the journal Psychological Science.

Data of more than 5,000 UK households and 10,000 from a national survey between 1991 and 2008 helped the researchers figure out the importance of green area on well being. The participants were asked to describe their psychological health during that period.

Dr. Mathew White and colleagues at the European Centre for the Environment and Human Health revealed that people living in greener areas reported less mental stress. Moreover, higher life satisfaction was reported by them.

Dr. White said, "We've found that living in an urban area with relatively high levels of green space can have a significantly positive impact on wellbeing, roughly equal to a third of the impact of being married. Also, the effect was comparable to a tenth of being employed".