Men have Lesser Empathy for Women's Eyes

Men have Lesser Empathy for Women's EyesAs per a recent study, men cannot easily read emotions from women's eyes. The researchers from the LWL-University Hospital in Bochum, Germany, suggested that men feel it rather difficult to understand the emotions whilst looking at women's eyes than they can interpret while looking at a man.

The researchers conducted a MRI scan of 22 men to detect the activity of the brain at the exercise. They detected that the section of the brain that brain allocated to emotion for men, didn't seems to lit up when it comes to decipher emotion whilst looking at women's eyes.

The men were suggested to view the 36 pictures of eyes. Half of these eyes belonged to men and half to women. The men were aided with two choices of words to describe the emotions of the pictures.

The results suggested that the men took a longer time in guessing the emotions that were depicted in female's eyes. An interesting MRI result was extracted that showed a varying kind of brain activity occurring in the brain when men were looking at men's eyes against the result that originated in the women's case.

The conclusions that were drawn from the results suggested that men have lesser amount of empathy for women's emotions. However, the reason for the same is not clear yet.