PAS Questioned by Susan Griffiths

Susan-GriffithsDeciding an individual's fate has become a question for many when Susan Griffiths pleaded for mercy. Canada has laws regarding mercy but physician assisted suicide is not legal in the country.

Canada possesses a provision in the law that states that if one is complete adult, then he can withdraw the life-support. This is valid even in a case where it may lead to death. If there is lingering death that is dependent technology even then the Canadian citizens have the right to pull the plug.

There are various provisions that even involve terminal sedation but the law does not agree on PAS. This is the same case that has fallen on Susan Griffiths. She is not on life support but fails to accept the fact of persistent death.

PAS is illegal in Canada and she seems to be fighting for the same. She has flown to Switzerland where PAS is legal. On April 25, she will receive assisted death from a physician.

According to Susan, "What I want is to be able to die in a manner that is consistent with the way that I lived my life. I want to be able to exercise control and die with dignity and with my sense of self and personal integrity intact".