Majority of women own old make-up

makeupBeauty is timeless but unfortunately, cosmetics are not. A research yesterday stated that most British women owned cosmetics that were up to four years out of date.

Cosmetics like eye shadow, lipstick, blusher, lip-gloss, eyebrow pencils, and perfume are often expired jeopardizing women’s health.

Research stated that a majority of women did not know that cosmetics carry a ‘period after opening’ symbol that states how the long the product can be used safely.

Yesterday, Sara Stern, director of cosmetics at Debenhams, which carried out the study, said, “Reluctance to throw away old products is a risky business. We would not hesitate to chuck out mouldy or bacteria-ridden food and the same standards should apply to lotions and potions. Hopefully this call to action will encourage women to have a ruthless spring clean of their cosmetics collections.”

The research found that about 89 per cent of women were negligent of the fact that despite European guidelines stating product shelf lives information, the information exists. They Are not aware of what the symbol means or are unable to read the often-tiny writing.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham has been urged by Debenhams to push for new legislation to protect consumers.