Men able to Bond Well with Baby if Aware of Unborn’s Gender: Study

Men able to Bond Well with Baby if Aware of Unborn’s Gender: StudyIt becomes easier for men to bond with their baby if they are aware of the gender of the unborn child. Recently, a research has carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Birmingham, which has revealed about the same.

Researcher Dr. Jonathan Ives said if fathers are aware of the gender then they are able to visualize their bonding with the child. This bonding helps men to get emotionally attached with the unborn baby.

Study researchers noticed the attitudes of men in their journey to become a father. From knowing about pregnancy to the final parenthood was the time that was assessed by study researchers.

It has also been revealed that if men are given opportunity to name their child whether boy or girl, they get more emotionally attached with their babies.

While carrying out the research, study researchers found a hurdle, which stopped men from getting attached with their child and that was their manly attitude.

The research can prove quite useful for healthcare workers to help men in changing their views on being a good man, father and a partner. "Encouraging fathers to become actively involved, and drawing them in, may require more than making them feel welcome and creating space for them to talk", said the study researchers.