More than 600 Chinese Sign Up for ‘One way Ticket’ to Mars

MarsReports suggested that more than 600 Chinese people have applied for the opportunity to live on Mars in dome-shaped space capsules.

Volunteers are being searched by the Mars One project to reside on the Red Planet. The project will be choosing two men and two women to take off to the planet by the year 2023. Reports suggested that it costs an amount equivalent to only £7 to sign up to Mars.

The project is an invention of the Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, who has hoped to send man on Mars in the upcoming 10 years. More than 600 hundred people from China has already granted their names for getting associated with the ambitious Dutch aerospace project, which is setting its mind to send people to the Mars.

The project is generating enthusiasm to discover outer space. It is also part of the controversies that are seeing the trip as a suicide mission as the applicants are being sent to the planet which is uninhabitable by humans.

The project is scheduled to be initializing in year 2023. It will be taking four humans to the Red Planet. After three weeks of the launch of the sign up process of the project, over 20,000 people from all around the globe submitted their applications on the internet.

From over 20,000 people from all around the world, who submitted their applications, 600 were Chinese.