BMA Asks Government to Refrain from Blame Game in A&E Crisis

BMA Asks Government to Refrain from Blame Game in A&E CrisisAmidst A&E crisis in England, it seems that the government has attributed the problem to the rising demand for the same. However, the BMA has thrown light on another facts related to the issue.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has stated that the variation in contract in 2004 has been responsible for the same. This response has provided GP to stay out from the care for a miniscule cut in salary. This has increased waiting times outside the A&E and created huge pressure on the staff.

The BMA has stated that it is not very clear what reasons could have led to this climbing pressure. The Association has stated that the reason behind the same can be attributed to "soaring demand on services, unmatched by increasing resources, along with insufficient staffing". According to them, this could be one of the reasons for A&E crisis.

Mark Porter, Chair of BMA Council wrote in a letter that government is ineffective in dealing with the matter and is getting involved in a futile blame game. Earlier, BMA had brought into light that the provision of out-of-hours care in England must be enhanced. Greatest gaffe with the same lies in the manner in which it is resourced and coordinated.

The BMA has strongly stated that the Government's analysis of the problem is not accurate and is riddled with loopholes.