Youth Obesity Increases Vulnerability to Heart Risks before 55

Youth Obesity Increases Vulnerability to Heart Risks before 55A published study in the journal BMJ Open has stated that obesity problems in youngsters' double the death risk. Before reaching the age of 55, young stay in a precarious state.

In order to prove the inferences, team of researchers conducted experiments for 33 years. They studied 6500 Danish men who were 22 years old in 1955. The researchers witnessed that 1.5% or 97 were obese when the study began.  Out of the huge group of participants, 83% or 5407 belonged to normal weight category.

During the study, researchers noted down the observations. They found that almost 50% of the obese group was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure by age 55. They were more vulnerable to develop high blood pressure, heart attack or even death.

The researchers also found a relation between increased BMI and heart attack rates. With a unit rise in BMI, there was an increase in heart rate by five per cent. Further, probability of rise of high blood pressure and blood clot rates can grow by 10% and an increased diabetes rate of 20%.

According to the researchers, obesity will 'in decades to come, place an unprecedented burden on healthcare systems'. Though the research has been conducted on men, authors have linked it to women as well.