Nintendo DSi XL to hit US stores on March 28

NintendoIn a recent announcement made at the Nintendo Media Summit in San Francisco, the game-console maker revealed that the Nintendo DSi XL – the much-awaited updated version of its popular handheld gaming platform – will hit the US markets on March 28.

As per the details forwarded, the $190-priced Nintendo DSi XL, which is a bigger version of the last-year-launched Nintendo DSi, features a 93 percent larger screen than the preceding models; and boasts a super-size, easy-to-grip stylus “pen,” over and above the typical stylus that fits into the console.

Going by a Bloomberg News report, the forthcoming DSi XL, which will be available in bronze and burgundy, will also be equipped with a book reader when it ships.

The report was somewhat substantiated by Nintendo’s announcement that it intends releasing a new $20-priced game titled “100 Classic Books” – featuring classic books like Bram Stroker's Dracula - on June 15.

Meanwhile, the other notable features of the DSi XL include a pre-installed Internet Channel; as well as a horde of pre-loaded titles - including Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters; Brain Age Express: Math; and Photo Clock.

In addition, two new upcoming DSi XL titles, which will also be launched on March 28, will include America’s Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking; and WarioWare: D. I. Y.