Slashing Nurse Jobs is Short-Sighted, say Head of Quebec Order of Nurses

Nurse-JobsThe head of the Quebec order of nurses have said that slashing nursing jobs is nothing if not short-sighted. Lucie Tremblay said that reducing number of nurses will have adverse effects on patients.

Tremblay's comments came during a break at the Ordre des infirmieres et infirmiers du Québec's annual meeting. The theme for this year is improving care and patient's safety.

Tremblay expressed concerns over more cuts being announced this week at the McGill University Health Centre. The cuts will reduce 277 jobs, which comprise 80 nursing jobs. This came as part of the first phase of $28.6 million in cuts being imposed by the financial government.

MUHC health officials do not seem to rule out more job cuts in the next phase of cuts. It will lead to $21.4 million in savings, which would be spread out over next two years.

MUHC officials, however, said that the cuts are not going to affect patient care. But on the other hand, the hospital network was struggling with nursing shortages even before the cuts were announced.

Tremblay said that the nurses are first to become affected by cuts. "We're 50 per cent of the staff in a hospital. So when there's a squeeze, hospitals and CSSS community health organizations are targeted". Tremblay added.