Vermont Senate votes for shutting down Entergy’s Vermont Yankee in 2012

EntergyAfter the last-month discovered leak that released radioactive tritium into the groundwater, the Vermont Senate Wednesday voted 26-4 in favor of shutting down New Orleans-based Entergy Corp’s Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, upon the expiry of its license in 2012.

Using the leak incident to put across their view that Entergy has failed to operate the reactor safely, the opponents of Vermont Yankee plant have suggested that the company’s license should not be renewed – Entergy, which commenced operations in 1972, applied with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2006, seeking the renewal of its 40 year-operating license for the plant for 20 more years.

Summing up the Senate’s decision against the Entergy Vermont Yankee, the Senate’s President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, said that the people of Vermont “deserve better than an aging, unreliable nuclear power plant owned by an untrustworthy out-of-state corporation.”

Incidentally, the decision of the Vermont Senate comes at a time when the Obama administration is promoting nuclear revival as a means to bring about a reduction in the country’s dependence on foreign oil and greenhouse gas emissions.

Meanwhile, noting that Entergy’s endeavor to see a 20-year renewal of its operating license for the Vermont Yankee plant “is far from over,” company spokesman Larry Smith said Entergy remains “determined to prove its case to the Legislature, state officials and the Vermont public.”