Father of Three in Brighton Gifts Bone Marrow to a Woman in Need

Father of Three in Brighton Gifts Bone Marrow to a Woman in NeedThe noble act by a father-of-three in Brighton to donate his bone marrow has helped a seriously ill woman. Dave Newman is now eagerly waiting for the news of his being successful in saving the life of a stranger.

A police officer, Dave is a regular blood donor and also got aware about signing as a potential bone marrow donor. This encouraged him to do the same after he received a text message on his phone asking him to contact for the same.

He was told by experts that he was an efficient bone marrow match for someone. He was asked that if he will be willing to help or not. He said that he didn't need to think for the same and right away agreed for the donation.

While signing for the same, he filled some health related questionnaire and gave some blood samples. He was determined to bed the perfect match for someone, eight weeks later. The noble intentions of helping someone, took him to the Kings College Hospital in London for his operation.

He said all he knew at present was that his donation will be utilized for a woman and he is hoping and praying that his help gets valued and the life of the women get saved. He said his family and wife are providing a great help to him.