Children who Eat Same Food as their Parents are Healthiest: Study

Children who Eat Same Food as their Parents are Healthiest: StudyA new research has revealed that children who eat same food as their parents have high tendency of having sound health.

The study suggests parents not to succumb to children's demands for chicken nuggets and chips. The study revealed that adult meals are the most important factor to determine healthy diets.

"Offering separate children's food for a main meal may often result in children missing out nutritionally, for example if vegetables are omitted", said Valeria Skafida, a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Research for Families and Relationships.

Children who eat different foods engage themselves in eating less nutritious foods, Skafida added. Concerns over marketing of ready meals at children have been growing.

The study was conducted to analyze the eating habits of 2,200 five-year-olds. The findings revealed that when children's requests were entertained, they often ate foods like pizza and chips. These foods are more calorie-dense and offer fewer nutrients.

Published in the journal Sociology of Health and Illness, the study suggested that there should not be one meal for father, one meal for mum, one meal for older daughter, and so on. Eating the same food is important.