Children Opt Healthier Foods while Pre-ordering

Children Opt Healthier Foods while Pre-orderingReports of a new study suggested that there are possibilities that the young students are more likely to opt for the healthier school lunches only if they preorder them in the absence of the sights and aromas of food in the lunch room.

The study was conducted on near about 300 students at two elementary schools in upstate New York. It made the students order the lunch through an electronic system, during the period of four weeks. Conclusions extracted suggested that near about 29% of the students opted for healthier main dish.

However, the number for the same reduced to 15% at the time when the preordering was not available. It was discovered that the students were also less likely to opt for healthier main dish up to 48% and more likely to opt for less healthy main dish up to 21% when they were ask to make choices at lunch rather than pre-ordering the lunch.

The findings clearly depicted the results that the simpler changes brought in the regular systems can enable a child to opt for healthier foods. Pre-ordering system can led the children opt for healthy eating habits.

The research was carried out and accomplished by Andrew Hanks of Cornell University and his team of researchers.