DDP Yoga: Effective Exercise Workout

DDP Yoga: Effective Exercise WorkoutYoga in general is not associated with strenuous exercise form. But with passage of time, it seems that alterations are getting introduced in this form of exercise as well.

Recently, a now form of yoga has been attaining a lot of attention of people in the US. The new form known as DDP Yoga is a mix of calisthenics and rehabilitation techniques.

Fitness experts were of the view that though it lacks in relaxation techniques, it assures of providing benefits of exercise workout. Shirley Archer, an American Council on Exercise spokesperson, was of the view that the DDP Yoga is quite different from traditional form of yoga.

It is a perfect amalgamation of traditional yoga postures with non-traditional format. While talking about things included in this form of yoga, Archer explains that it focuses on fitness-cardio training, and muscle strength.

It also concentrates on flexibility and balance, added Archer. Brainchild of Professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, the DDP Yoga provides helps in providing that needed change from traditional yoga.

"Since this program does not have a spiritual component, it is attractive to people who may not be interested in more traditional yoga", said Archer, who is hopeful that the DDP Yoga will attract men, who otherwise would not remain active.