Infant Formula Industry Trying to Bring Changes in Philippines’s Milk Code

Infant Formula Industry Trying to Bring Changes in Philippines’s Milk CodeBreast milk is considered to be the bets for a child during emergencies. It has been said so as it contains incomparable nutrients and antibodies.

But it has been seen that despite knowing the fact, health authorities in the Philippines were not able to stop breast-milk substitutes in evacuation centers during Typhoon Bopha time that took place in 2012.

A number of efforts are being made by the authorities concerned to keep infant formula industry out of such situations. But it seems that they will achieve success by getting legislative approvals to supply infant formula donations in emergencies.

These steps will make things even more complicated and it will get difficult to convince women to breastfeed. The Department of Health found that infant formula maker Nestlé Philippines was providing donating milk products in the evacuation centers.

Irrespective of the fact that such products are banned in the country under `Milk Code'. "Our monitoring procedures include control measures that prevent donations of breast-milk substitutes during emergencies, and those control measures are routinely audited", said Nestlé spokeswoman Meike Scmidt.

Then also the country has got associated with the Paediatric Nutrition Association of the Philippines (IPNAP). By associating with the group, it has been trying to bring a change in country's Milk Code.