Heavy Smog in Beijing Won’t Disperse Any Sooner: Environmental Authorities

Heavy Smog in Beijing Won’t Disperse Any Sooner: Environmental AuthoritiesEnvironment authorities in Beijing predicted that the heavy smog which has cloaked the capital of China from some days will not disperse any sooner. The monitors of air pollution on Monday depicted that the density of PM2.5 in some areas reached 400 micrograms per cubic meter which is much more than the standards of national and international levels.

Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center said that Beijing's atmospheric structure got stabilized due to rising temperatures, thus winds are unlikely to blow in next few days. The centre has also advised the residents of Beijing to avoid hard physical labour and spend lesser time outdoors. Also people with heart and lung problems are advised to take proactive measures.

Beijing Meteorological Bureau has also predicted that the visibility will get reduced due to smog to less than 3,000 meters. But these explanations were unable to satisfy the residents of Beijing and said to be as an `irresponsible excuse' for the unfavorable diffusion conditions.

Feng Shuying, one of the residents of Beijing wrote on a micro-blogging website - "Instead of the chemical plants and cement mills, the weather takes all the blame whenever smog blankets the city, which hardly makes sense".