Brits Barely Walk, Shows Survey

WalkA new survey conducted by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has shown concerning results about walking habit of people in the UK.

However, the charity has always suggested that walking was the thing one should regularly do. Also, the same was claimed to be the best exercise to keep physically fit. But, it has been found that Brits barely do the same.

A total of 2,000 adults were questioned in the survey, which discovered that around 43% of them all walked for less than two hours per week. As per the findings, the West Midlands showed the worst results for the same.

Some 34% of people in the region reported walking for fewer than 60 minutes a week. East Midlands, on the other hands, showed the best results as around 59% of people there said that they walked for the recommended 150 minutes. The same meant that they did the moderate aerobic exercise per week.

The survey was conducted for Ramblers, a charity. It is being suggested that people should start walking, atleast up to the moderate level, to keep fit.

"Walking is one of the most accessible and achievable ways to conquer this inactivity pandemic in Britain, and we need to get started now", chief executive Benedict Southworth affirmed.