Britain Sticks to Plain Cigarettes Packaging

CigarettesAs per recent reports, British Government is still considering ban on branding on cigarette packets forcing the tobacco industry towards plain packaging.

Even though the legislation regarding the same has been omitted, government is still sticking to plain packaging, announced Prime Minister David Cameron. The step is raising criticism among the tobacco manufacturers as it is harming their profits.

Mr. Cameron told the parliament that they were still looking into the matter. Four months of consultation were held last year by the Department of Health to find out if the plain packaging would help encourage young people to kick the habit.

A spokesman from the department said they took a right decision and they don't apologize for taking time to make things right. Australia implemented a law that made selling cigarettes in olive green packaging with health warning on them last year.

At the same time, the Queen's speech also doesn't mention of plans about the same. Japan Tobacco International (JTI) welcomed the news.

"The decision of the UK Government not to include plain packaging in the Queen's speech reflects that the regulatory principles of evidence based policy not policy based evidence are being observed", said Jorge da Motta, the Managing Director of JTI UK.